Quality Policy

We have a robust Quality Management system in place which allows standards to be tracked and monitored on a daily basis. This is then reported at the monthly contract review meetings. One of the key benefits of daily inspections is that problems are identified within 24 hours which means that on site supervisory staff can rectify any problem immediately rather than having to wait until the next Field Manager visit- leading to an immediate response to issues.

Why Sharp?
  • We have the people, the processes and the passion
  • 100% Statutory Compliance
  • Experienced resources to manage and deliver to defined standards
  • A single source for all your hard and soft support services
  • Output driven specifications to deliver the desired quality
  • Optimum value for money through effective supply chain management
  • Integration with your in-house management team as required
  • Long term business relationships
  • Your objectives are our objectives
  • Innovative approach, we always listen and we always learn
  • Complete & affordable source for all your Industrial, Hospitality & Facility Management Service needs.
  • Value added services